24/7 Cares Day

Healthcare Resources for Homeless and Indigent People

Each time we do a 24/7 Cares Day event, with love, respect, and humble gratitude, we feed 247+ homeless and low-resource individuals. However, our outreach events do not stop at feeding the hungry. We are committed to bringing home health services, education, preventative care, and financial resources to those we serve.

Connection to Local Health Resources

We work with local clinics, community organizations, and government-funded entities to establish pathways to immediate health services and resources.

Medicare and Medicaid Assistance

Our experts help indigent populations clarify coverage, assist and complete enrollment, and navigate Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Preventative Care and Education

Across five offices, we help the at-risk mitigate negative health outcomes by connecting them with - and providing - preventative medical care and education.

Giving a Voice to Our At-Risk Populace

Community needs assessments are best performed by listening to the actual men and women we serve. Explore the matrix below to read the stories of those willing to share details of their struggles, convictions, and goals.

John is a recovering addict from Fort Worth, dealing with COPD and mental health management.

Jesús and Renzo are dealing with their new situation for the first time, having connected with homeless clinic resources.

Alton (Right) is a die hard Cowboys fan from Texas, strong in his faith and grateful for 24/7 Cares Day outreach.

Connect with Us

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to the greater good, we are always looking to network with local doctors, providers, clinics, and other healthcare entities. If you have questions, or want to know how you - or your organization - can help, please contact us!

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